Thursday 14 October 2021

That's the birthday boy's tea eaten... I've spent £50 on his food for today, plus up to another £250 for his glasses is £300 for his birthday, and all I got from him was a home cooked meal that I bought the ingredients for and paid for the electricity for the oven too, so basically he spent about half an hour cooking for both of us and spent bugger all money on me, yet expects me to spend hundreds on him.  He wants me to pay off the arrears on our mortgage too, so that he can start rebuilding his credit score and paying off his three credit cards instead of the £1 a month which is apparently all he could afford, yet he's more than happy to pay for podcasts and patreon things and stuff like that... good job I've got enough to cover it in my savings innit!

I've got a SCBWI thing on tonight and I discovered that I've got 24 bottles of J2O in the kitchen, so that should hopefully inspire me to write 5,000 words a day for NaNo and JanNo and still have four left over to celebrate with at Yule.

I've put a butternut squash onto our next grocery order so hopefully when I have that, Steve can make a dent in his chicken breasts to use up the Korma sauce that I can't have thanks to an allergen.  We're hopefully gonna have something eggy tomorrow and "it'll prolly be a light meal 'cos I'll still be stuffed from today" so yet again we are going by how hungry or otherwise he is, despite me only having breakfast today.

I give up.

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