Tuesday 26 October 2021

Book Review: "An Unusual Boy" by Fiona Higgins



⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Every book I read starts off with the full 5 stars and I'm always hopeful that I'll close the book with all of 'em still firmly in place.

There are a lot of incredible books out there that I would have happily given the full five stars to... except that they'd used brand names without permission.  I've knocked a star of other books for that reason, so I've very reluctantly removed a star from even the best of books.  Gotta be fair to all books, no matter their quality  ;-)  Same with this book - I want it to end with all five stars in place, but if the author uses brand names without permission, then I'll be taking a star off this book too.

Let's get on with the reading and reviewing now  :-D

I'm on page 4 and I've just been told we're in Australia... I've never left the UK so this should be interesting to see what the similarities and differences are like.  I wonder if the author is gonna deliberately use Australian words like "cobber" or if it'll all be in every day language that I don't have to think about too much?

The first 13 pages are good, but there has just been mention of a social media brand on page 14, so the fifth star is looking wobbly already :-(

Page 26 has got several big brand names, so the fifth star is sliding off and we're already down to four star after only 10% of the book  :-(

For some reason the POV has suddenly changed from the mum to the son and it's a bit weird now 'cos I was only just getting used to being in the mum's head and now, all of a sudden, I've got to get into a child's head!  I'll give it a little while, but the fourth star is already looking wobbly, so soon after the fifth star had to go... it had so much potential in the initial chapters, but now it's just made me incredibly confused!

I've already taken a star off for this, but there are now another three big music star's names being used, potentially without permission... the book started off really well, but that's suddenly changed now which ain't good at all!

Up to chapter 5 now and I'm gonna leave it there for today 'cos I'm absolutely cream crackered, but I'll hopefully be back bright and early in the morning though.

Back now and the POV has changed back to the mother again!  That's three changes in five chapters!  If it changes again before the middle of the book, the fourth star is joining the fifth on the floor unfortunately.

The POV has changed yet again in chapter 6 so the star is sliding off and we are down to three star now  :-(

Up to chapter 11 now and the POVs seem to change every couple of chapters which is sooo confusing... especially as it's written in first person too!

Oh dear!  Poor Jackson doesn't realise or even understand the trouble he could be in now... poor boy!

Oooh, that's screwing with my head a bit lol  Apparently it's cold *until* September in Australia, even though that's when it *starts* cooling down over here in the UK lol

What an inventive mum!  When she said about "Kitchen Science" I thought that was gonna be like learning how to cook rather than disolving eggshells!

Cor lummy!  What a way to end chapter 21!  I can take a wild guess at who was the one causing the problem and I reckon he should be arrested... am I getting too caught up in this book this evening?  lol

Chapter 22 was a huuuge relief... hopefully no permanent damage done?!

What a great ending to a fantastic book!  If it hadn't been for those couple of stars dropping off at the start, then I would have gladly awarded this book the full five... a definite must-read, as long as you can see past those couple of things that I can't.

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