Wednesday 20 October 2021

Lunch photo for today (20th October 2021)

Waaaaay too much sugar for today's lunch, so I ended up only having one mince pie instead of all three but I scoffed all the biscuits because they were all chocolate biscuits and I've never been able to resist a chocolate biscuit (or 11) 'cos I've always been a chocaholic since I very first tasted it in childhood, although I preferred the natural sweetness of fruit, I couldn't resist chocolate either if it was in the house lol

Here's today's lunch photo:

I've blanked out the naughty word in case there are any small eyes about.

I've just drained my glass of pop so I'm gonna go and wash the glass out then refill it with water so that I don't get diabetes from today's sugar overload 😉

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