Saturday 30 October 2021

Current totals for Tuesday's grocery shop

I invested in a delivery pass for a year at the end of the week and because NaNo starts on Monday, the vast majority of the next two grocery shops are gonna be for Steve because I'll only be having soup until I've written the final word.

Here is next weeks breakdown of the grocery totals:

My stuff:  £3.00
Steve's stuff:  £30.78
Joint stuff:  £15.83

So Steve's stuff is a smidgen under double the amount of the joint stuff, but just for the two weeks of NaNo and JanNo, that's totally OK by me as long as he doesn't complain when I've finished writing and want more of my own stuff on again.

We're also having our groceries delivered between Tuesday and Thursday each week for the next year 'cos the midweek pass was cheaper to get for a year than for 6 months of the anytime pass so I wasn't gonna turn that down for it to only be a day later than normal just for next week!

Starting on Monday, there will be significantly less blog posts and I won't be doing the caring or shopping whines 'cos every waking hour is gonna be spent writing and just for a change I'm not gonna care for my carer at all or have much of the grocery shop, so I'm gonna concentrate on writing and sleeping just for those two weeks, then recovering from my Covid booster straight after, so you've prolly got the best part of November off from my normal drivel.

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