Saturday 16 October 2021

Monday's grocery order totals

Just my standard weekly run-down of our grocery order:

My stuff:  £7.31
Steve's stuff:  £18.55
Joint stuff:  £15.85

So just for a change, I've actually got something significant on this order and the split between Steve's stuff and the joint stuff is near enough equal, so I'm not gonna complain about it at all this week.

These two weeks are going to have stuff for me on, then the first two weeks of November are gonna be pretty much all Steve's stuff 'cos of NaNo and I can pretty much guarantee that he'll be reluctant to put stuff back on for me for the last two weeks and it'll be the same in January too.  I just hope that there will be stuff back on for me otherwise I'll be living on biscuits and water again, just like during NaNo.  I might be allowed to share mince pies during December, then back to biscuits and water in January again.

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