Monday 18 October 2021

Just had the subsitution email

There were a fair few substitutes today and there will be three days next week where I don't have anything at all for breakfast because the 3 multipacks of 4 (so 12) orange juices have been replaced with 3 multipacks of 3 cartons (so 9) which means that after Steve's had his 7 cartons there will only 2 left for me and his marmalades (which I don't like) were in stock along with the bread, so I'll be having 2 cartons of juice and bugger all else for breakfast next week but he will be having a full breakfast every day.


The buns for our burgers are out of stock and haven't been substituted so that's one less lunch for me (Steve won't want to cook two separate burgers so it'll just be him having 4 burger patties and the sweetcorn on the cob) and the sultana and cherry slab cake that we were gonna share, has been replaced with a lemon one, so that's for Steve on his own too.


Basically I've got 2 breakfasts (the 2 left over orange juices) and 2 lunches (pizza baguettes and a butternut squash that Steve doesn't like) to last me for 14 meals next week, but Steve's got enough for 3 meals a day for all 7 days (so 21 meals) and he doesn't seem to have a problem with that.  


It's getting me prepared for NaNo I suppose.

The final breakdown of the total for todays groceries looks like this:

My stuff:  £7.31
Steve's stuff:  £23.53
Joint stuff:  £9.60

So, as always, Steve's stuff is significantly (as in nearly 2½ times) the most expensive, despite it being a fairly even split between his stuff and joint stuff yesterday yet he's complaining about his missing lemon muffins even though he will have an entire cake to himself rather than us sharing it!

Ho hum.

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