Monday 18 October 2021

I was semi wrong again this morning

I think I doubted that Steve would help to put the groceries away.

I was semi wrong.

The deliverer bagged up the groceries, Steve put them the other side of his body for me to take into the kitchen then he did actually help to put some of the groceries away - he swang the bags closer to the fridge and freezer and the same with the pop then went for a wee while I put it all away, so I got 16 minutes of care out of him that I didn't think I'd get this morning which makes me wrong and I apologise for that.


I've just hit 10 hours of caring for my carer which is my daily aim, so I'll hopefully hit 15 hours by 7.15pm then head straight off to bed after such a tiny amount (3 hours - not a typo) of sleep overnight, so my body is screaming for a rest in total desperation.

I've gotta bring our rubbish bag in before I forget first though.

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