Saturday 30 October 2021

I'm now at...

...6 hours and 35 minutes of care today and my carer is still on 5 minutes, so there's no way he can meet the minimum care needed to be classed as a carer this week, 'cos there are only 34 hours and 19 minutes left of the weekend and there's no way he's going to stay awake for that long - especially as he's been asleep for most of every hour that I've been awake so far!  I've just calculated it and he's been awake for 115 minutes so far today.

He's just come back from the bathroom and I can guarantee that he'll be asleep in under 5 minutes... I'll be surprised if he's still awake by the time I publish this blog post tbh - he's putting his earphones into both ears, so I give him under a minute now.

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