Monday 18 October 2021

Another day with...

...very little (if any) food.

I've just made my carers breakfast and was looking forward to my breakfast too 'cos I'm really hungry for some reason this morning, but discovered that both bowls had water in them so I had the choice of one or other of us having breakfast 'cos I couldn't have safely stayed on my feet for long enough to do my carers toast as well as washing up, then drying up, then sorting out my own breakfast.

It's Monday today, so my carer won't cook today 'cos of our grocery delivery coming this afternoon, so my calorie count for today will be 42 calories from the orange juice that I'm having for breakfast and bugger all else.

As long as my carer eats and sleeps, that's all that matters, seemingly.

Totals of care at 7.16am:

Care of me by my carer:  0 hours and 0 minutes
Care of my carer by me:  4 hours and 27 minutes

So it's not even 7.20am and I've only got 33 minutes of care left to give to hit today's minimum.  An easy 15 hours today I reckon, judging by this morning.

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