Saturday 30 October 2021

Mornin' all

The rain is hammering it down out there this early morning!

On my to-do list this morning is taking my morning pills, making breakfast for my carer, supporting my friends and carer, doing the news, then trying to get into the right headspace for writing ready for NaNo on Monday.

My carer said last night that he wouldn't be doing any cooking next week "because of your bloody writing thing" and he knows that I won't be supporting him and he'll have to stay awake for the door and phone for a change... but I can guarantee that he won't stay awake for more than an hour each day.

I've got my booster COVID jab on the 11th 'cos that was most convenient for Steve's sister, so I hope I've finished NaNo by then 'cos if it's anything like the first two then I really won't feel up to writing for at least two weeks after it.  I'm gonna try and remember to have a tiny bit of breakfast before I go, 'cos that significantly helped the second time and I've got a few cans of ginger beer and a small amount of crystalised ginger to keep me going too, so hopefully it won't be too bad... just could have done with it being a week or so later than it is lol

Time to crack on with my to-do list now... morning pills first I reckon.

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