Monday 25 October 2021

As I predicted first thing... carer didn't make lunch, so I had to make it for him and he's wasted £5.90's worth of groceries for his lunch alone 'cos he didn't have his sandwich spreads or pork pie before they went out of date again.

I'm having a smoothie for my lunch 'cos my legs gave way as I brought in part two of my carer's lunch, so it isn't safe for me to be out there making myself bread and butter.  If the rest of the week goes as normal then I'll be having nothing to eat if my carer wants to 'cos I very much doubt he'll be cooking this week either.  He's got cake and biscuits and meat and I've got bugger all coming with today's groceries, so it's gonna be another week of me having very little to eat and next week is the start of NaNo so I won't be eating for at least the first 10 days of that, but my carer doesn't seem to give a flying fuck as long as he has something to eat!

My entire calorie count for today is gonna be 1,131 calories, thanks mainly to the 4 wheat biscuits and the litre of soya milk I've had today.  Good job I need to lose 2¼kg really 😏

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