Monday 25 October 2021

Food tomorrow will apparently be...

...choccie Shreddies™ for Steve and Morrisons own brand of Sugar Puffs™ for me for brekkie and scrambled eggs and chips for lunch.  Assuming Steve does the washing up tomorrow then hopefully we'll both be able to have something 'cos I won't be on my feet for 20 minutes just for him.  I won't believe that we'll have lunch until it's right there in front of me though, same as today.

I'm gonna be having a banana and pineapple smoothie for elevenses tomorrow so that we can use up last weeks bananas before they go off again.

I wanna try and build up a bit of weight and energy 'cos I'll only be having instant soup for the first ten days of November 'cos of NaNo which won't give me anywhere near enough calories, so I wanna build up a bit extra this week to keep me going until I've finished writing... it's only twice a year and I'm hoping to write my final word on the 10th this year so that I've got 20 days to get out of the head of my main character and back into real life instead of the fictional world I'll be creating.

I've had the reminder come up to take my last two pills of the day, so I'll take those now and wait until my carer wakes up enough to say goodnight to me, then I'll head to bed for an early night.  Doubt I'll post again before I head upstairs, so I'll say nite nite to you all now.

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