Friday 22 October 2021

Clothing review: Roman Originals Women Capri Trousers Cropped Pants

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I bought these with one of the vouchers I got for my birthday, put them through the wash the next day (same as I do with all new dark coloured clothes) and tried them on for the first time after I got out of the bath a day later... this would be the make it or break it for me - I'm petite (125cm/5 foot) so I was thinking/hoping they would be that bit longer on me... maybe down to my ankle or something?

I pulled them on and they were a little tight around my middle, but that's normal for all new (and even some older clothes that have just been washed and not put away yet) but that little bit of tightness gave my bum a very slight lift for the first time in my life.

They gave my belly a bit more of a bulge than I would have liked, but that's purely 'cos I've got a lot of flab around my belly and is the same with other clothes that aren't baggy so still a solid 5 stars.

I then discovered the two pockets over my bum... ideal for tissues for hayfever/cold seasons.

I put my socks on and discovered that their stretch was just the perfect amount to be able to pull them to the top of my knees so that I could put my socks on then pull the legs back down to my ankles without pulling my socks down with them, like leggings tend to do, which tends to stress me out more than it should.

When I pulled the legs back down, they ended up just about at the top of my ankle bone which is the perfect length for me.

I was starting to like these trousers more than I expected, so I decided to give them the ultimate test - my huuuge thighs.  Leggings tent to make them look even bigger than they are which always makes me really self-conscious, but these trousers have somehow managed to noticeably shrink them to a more normal size which is a very rare occurrence for my body.... they were quickly becoming my favourite trousers and I'd only been wearing them for 15 minutes lol

Lunch would be the next test - if they could handle my belly expanding from a huge lunch without digging in then they would be perfect to me.  As I was eating I was subconsciously checking to see how much I could eat before I became uncomfortable and had to stop eating.

I had seconds and the trousers were still incredibly comfortable around my belly... the ultimate test would be the traditional Christmas meal with my in-laws 'cos I totally pig-out that day and I'm usually bloated and barely eat on Boxing Day, so that's the next challenge for these trousers lol

The one and only thing that could be changed to make these the ideal trousers for me would be to make the belly bit as forgiving as the thigh bit... my thighs halved in size but my belly seemed to stay the same size.  

Still a very solid five stars though and I'll be getting more of them... a definite wardrobe must-have for any petite ladies out there with large thighs!

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