Thursday 21 October 2021

Only one month since March this year...

...that I haven't bailed Steve out at least once a month for something or other.

Just before he dished up lunch, he said that he'd had a letter from the NHS saying that he was 3 months behind on his PPC payment "and there's no way I can afford to pay for all my dressings every month without it, so can you bail me out again, and I promise this'll be the last time" so I've just bailed him out for the 7th time this year - there's only been one month where I haven't needed to bail him out on something, even though he's the main income earner of both of us and he can afford patreon things every month, clothes, music subscriptions, charity payments, Spotify subscriptions and everything else, yet has come to rely on my to bail him out for important things like his prescription and even the mortgage and water so far this year, yet I've gone without things I've wanted because, you know, I can't afford it and there are more important things to use my money for.

I can't remember the last time I got new clothes as opposed to off eBay, yet Steve seems to be able to afford brand new clothes whenever he wants them.

He now owes me a total of £2,265 and if he brings up that he bailed me out on a couple of minimum credit card payments all those years ago, I can say to him that I took £1,586.90 off what he owed me last year to pay it back (for at least the fourth or fifth time) but if he wants to deny that, then he owes me getting on for £4,000 which he will deny, but I've been keeping a record since 30th January 2020 'cos I was fed up of bailing him out and then him denying it.  I've been keeping a record of where the money has gone from and to as well as the reason and the repayment promise date too... the actual repayment column is sitting there untouched so far this year too.

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