Sunday 17 October 2021

Looks like... calorie count for the entire day will be 534 calories.




Because M won't be picking us up until 1.30pm so Steve won't be cooking lunch (he gets travel sick) so I'll miss lunch and they will be having tea too late (about 4pm) for me to eat anything then either (I get incredibly nauseous if I eat anything after 3pm then hit the sack at 7pm).  I can guarantee that Steve's mum won't believe that though, so she'll force me to eat, then I'll get travel sick on the way home and won't be able to risk laying down until at least 3am, then having to wake back up at 5.30am so that I can come back down to care for my carer again.  Basically, as long as Steve doesn't get travel sick then it doesn't matter if I don't eat (or get ill if I do) and barely sleep today.

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