Monday 18 October 2021

2 hours and 45 minutes left before...

...I hit 10 hours of care today so the 15 hour day is still looking pretty likely and I'd still be able to have a reasonably early night too, which my body is currently pleading for, but I have to stay awake 'cos of the groceries being delivered and potentially having to deal with them completely alone 'cos of my carer being asleep again.

Gonna go and see if our rubbish has been collected yet... brb!


Nope, the rubbish is still out there and I'm barely audible 'cos of this blimmin' cold, so I'll have to hope I can persuade my carer to call them later to report a missed collection for the whole street... bet he won't do it though, same as each time before.

I'm gonna leave you all in peace for a bit now 'cos my body needs a break and my eyes need a rest without falling asleep before bed-time tonight.

They are potentially reversing down the road now, so hopefully I won't need to call them after all.  I'm hoping that the groceries will be early today so that it's one less thing to deal with this afternoon when I'm feeling so grotty.

Nope, I was wrong - they still aren't here so the sound must have been part of the song that was playing on the radio.

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