Friday 22 October 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?  Me?  I'm doing considerably better than I was a week ago... my body is still fighting the last little bits of my awful cold, but it's hopefully mostly gone now and I'm hoping that it'll be gone completely by early next week so that I can finish preparing for NaNo.

I had a very late morning this morning - didn't even wake up until 6.18am according to my FitBit and I've been caring for my carer ever since.  I've taken my morning pills and finished the daily virus scan (still clear), so as soon as I've finished charging up my FitBit, I'll put it back around my ankle and go and make my carer's breakfast for him when he wakes up.  I've already worked 16½ hours overtime this week and Friday has barely started, so 80 hours is looking likely, maybe even scrape through 85 hours?

My carer has just (temporarily?) woken up, put his legs down and turned his light off, my FitBit is 98% charged up, so just for a change I'm gonn... he's fallen asleep again, so maybe I won't do his breakfast yet after all?

Gonna make a start on the news while I'm waiting I reckon.


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