Thursday 14 October 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

Today is gonna be a great day 'cos I got some fantastic news overnight, my morning pills went down easily, the daily virus scan was clear again and I'm just feeling so much more positive than I have been recently. I spotted that I hadn't remembered to place the third week's grocery order, so I've done that this morning too.


It's the start of NaNo for the third week's shop, so for at least two weeks it'll be an all-liquid diet for me, but that's OK 'cos it gives my body a chance to recharge and get ready for Christmas.  It'll be the same at the start of January too 'cos of JanNo.


I remembered to turn the emersion heater on last night, so hopefully there will be enough hot water in there for me to have not only a hot (as opposed to barely warm) bath, but hopefully even a refill of the bathwater on Saturday too... just hope Steve doesn't use it all up to get washed in like he usually does!

My carer is completely zonked out, so maybe he had a bad night's sleep again?  He's got a cold and has ordered a Covid test just in case it's that.  I'm thinking it's just a bad cold, and I'll remain hopeful that it's a negative result.


Just made a hot drink for both of us, then I'll make breakfast, hopefully for both of us, after we've slurped our way down the mugs... assuming my carer stays awake for long enough to finish his of course!

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