Sunday 24 October 2021

Mornin' all

I've taken my morning pills, taken the rubbish and recycling out, done the daily virus scan, adjusted the grocery order and had breakfast for the second time this week.

I'm gonna put the breakfast photos in this post instead of starting a new one and apparently we're having "this and that" for lunch because my carer doesn't fancy cooking yet again.

Here are the photos and I definitely put too much milk in the first part 'cos it turned to mush lol

Basically, out of a potential 14 meals, my carer will have cooked 1 lunch and I'll have had 3 breakfasts this week.

Next week will hopefully be different though, 'cos there are lots of boxes of cereal on the grocery order and no bread, so I'll be able to have breakfast more than 3 times next week.  My carer is gonna use up the loaf of bread that is out of the freezer for his tea's and it'll prolly mean that I have to make sandwiches for his lunch too, so he can have cereal on Tuesday without wasting another loaf of bread.  He's just said he wants corned beef sarnies for lunch and some kind of sandwiches for his tea, I won't be able to stand up for long enough to do two lunches, so I'll be going hungry at lunchtime again, seemingly.  So much for cooking "all the meals for her" when in reality it's usually only maybe one or two a week, eh?

The hopefully final totals for tomorrows groceries look like this:

My stuff:  £2.36
Steve's stuff:  £26.82
Joint stuff:  £16.44

So yet again, Steve's stuff is well over half of the total and my stuff doesn't even cost £2.50 yet I'm the one paying for it and the majority of his stuff will go to waste yet again too, same as it does every week.  I mention how much he wastes every week and he promises that the following week will be different, but that, like with the caring, is total bollox.

Time to finish reading and reviewing the book now, hopefully the review will be up before lunchtime so that I can go and make my carer his lunch while I go hungry.

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