Sunday 24 October 2021

Book Review: "Meet Me Under the Northern Lights" by Emily Kerr

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

If you've read any of my more recent book reviews, you'll know that I start them all by saying that each book starts with the full 5 stars and that I'm always hopeful that each star will still be firmly in place when I finish reading it too... this review ain't no different  ;-)

I got an ARC of this book directly from the publishers on 22nd October and it seems like it's another festive read which is fine by me 'cos I've already finished my Yule shopping and I'm planning on spending the next couple of months reading, relaxing and watching everyone else run around increasingly frantically 'cos they can't find the pressie for this person or there won't be any more stock in until after Christmas... it's why I try and get it all done and dusted before the middle of October each year lol  That's beside the point though, this is supposed to be a book review after all lol

Let's get my Kindle out and hope it's charged up enough for me to start reading and reviewing straight away.

Yep, the battery is about half full and I'm liking how the first page got me straight into the action!

I'm 4% of the way through and I'm drooling although thankfully not shivering from cold yet... it's making me want to pay a visit to my local independant grocer though, with that gorgeous description - independant shops aren't given anywhere near enough credit in books for my liking.  I'm glad she's used a fictional name rather than a big brand at the earliest opportunity though... if the author carries on like that throughout then she'll gladly be holding onto a star that I've dropped from other great books for using brand names potentially without permission and potentially getting the author into hot water... fortunately this author has already skillfully side-stepped that though, which is a relief so far.

Oooooh!  I wasn't expecting the end of the first chapter... is the entire book gonna be like the first chapter?  I seriously hope so 'cos I'm really enjoying it so far!

Chapter 2 was good too... all five of them stars are still very firmly in place which is a relief.  I'm cautiously hopeful that I've got a five star book in my hands and I haven't shivered from the cold yet either, which is reassuring.

At 11% the author has used a big brand name instead of a fictional one, so unfortunately that fifth star is wobbling now... it's still in place, but only just - any more mentions and it'll have to come off, just like with the other books I've reviewed unfortunately.

The author has used a famous name now, potentially without permission, so like with the majority of the books I've read recently, the fifth star has unfortunately teetered off and smashed into smithereens on the floor  :-(

Chapter 5 has made me grateful that I'm not a public figure, but it's given me an idea of what to do next time I'm in the bath!

I'm gonna leave it there for tonight and check my email and stuff, before getting stuck in bright and early in the morning.

Mornin' all.  Time to carry on reading and reviewing this book now... I hope it continues to be as good as it was yesterday!

I've read two chapters so far this morning and I've already started shivering at all those freezing descriptions!  Even my coffee is barely tepid now so that won't warm me up either lol  Time to go and make another one before I start on chapter 8 I reckon.  Decaf this time I reckon.

If my hubby logged me out of my social media accounts, like Lucy's friend has seemingly done to her, I'd never remember all the passwords to get back into them lol

I'm enjoying Tommi's way of talking - straight to the point and no humour in anything he's said so far... there could be interesting scenes which involve him from now on lol  I hope his no-nonsense voice continues for the rest of the book!

Up to chapter 12 now and my coffee is stone cold as is my body after all that talk of snow and ice in chapter 11.  Lucy seems to have found a way to help Tommi though... I just hope he can forgive the potential stain she's left for him!

Chapter 12 finished, just in time for lunch... it sounds like Lucy thinks Gurta is a woman, but I'm guessing she's some kind of animal - reindeer maybe?  I'll hopefully find out after I've scoffed down my pizza baguette slices lol

Back now, and my heartrate was matching the speed of chapter 13... looks like this is gonna be a three day book instead of a two day book at the very least - I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far though!

I've read 3 chapters since I had my lunch and this is still one of the better books that I've read recently.  If not for those uses of big names (both of products and people) then it would still be a very solid five stars.  There seems to be something possibly hotting up between Lucy and Tommi... and it's not just the sauna ;-)

Just finished chapter 19 and it reads like maybe Lucy's chat with her boss has maybe cleared the air and maybe even shoved her into an interview in the Arctic Circle??  I'll hopefully find out when I've made another hot drink!  There has been an enormous amount of tension in the last few chapters, so hopefully Lucy will take the conversation she's had with Tommi seriously and become a better woman in a totally different place in the world during the 38% of the book?

I knew it!

Sort of!  lol

Gurta is a...'ll have to get the book and read it to find out for yourself  :-P  lol

I'm up to 75% of the way through now and it's almost my bed time again, but there's been another rise in tension, so I don't wanna get too tense to sleep tonight, so I'm gonna leave it there and finish the book and this review hopefully before lunchtime tomorrow.

Back again for the third day... I can't wait to see how the book ends!  Is it gonna be a tear-jerker or a happily ever after?

I'm really feeling the disappointment for Lucy and to have it all come back without Jonno's interest in what she was trying to say is hurting my heart... I know that they are only fictional characters, but I've quickly grown to care about them in this book and I hope there will at least be a sequel if not a trilogy!

OMG.  Wow.  What a team.  WTG Lucy and Tommi.  




What a perfect end to a perfect book.  If it hadn't been for the use of those big names then it would have been a very solid five stars throughout.

This book is a must-read if you like feeling loved and warm and cozy... just make sure you've got the heating on if you easily feel cold  ;-)

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