Friday 29 October 2021

Mornin' all

Had a busy start to the day - I've cared for my carer for over an hour and a half, made our breakfast, taken the recycling and bowls out, taken my pills, run the daily virus scan and made a "posh coffee" in the 2½ hours that I've been down here and my carer is asleep again so the caring hours are continuing.  


I've already worked 10 hours overtime as of last night, so I reckon it's gonna be another 80 hour week again yet my so-called carer has cared for me for literally 5 minutes (not a typo, I really do mean 300 seconds) this week, when he took the pop bottles out of the bag and put them on the floor for me to put away on Monday.  Means he's got to care for me for 34 hours and 55 minutes before bed time on Sunday, which is over 11 hours a day, every day until bedtime on Sunday, which even I've only done 2 or 3 times since I've been recording it and he's deeply asleep now so he's adding extra hours onto the weekends caring, which just won't happen so this week is gonna be under an hour, let alone the required 35!

I doubt he'll cook again at lunchtime, so I'll have to make him sarnies again and it's likely to be the same at the weekend too.  He tells everyone that he cooks all my meals for me, yet out of a possible 9 so far this week he hasn't made a single one but I've made at least that for him as well as a couple of his evening meals.

Time to support a friend and then crack on with the news, while I've got a small amount of motivation.  I'm gonna charge up my FitBit while I'm doing that though, and I just hope nobody comes to the door while it's off my ankle.  Need to sort out my breakfast photo for you all too, so I'd best do that now, while I remember.

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