Friday 15 October 2021

Just eaten something solid (other than the blueberries) for the first time today...

...remembered that I still had a few bars of me-friendly chocolate left, so I've devoured them and my stomach isn't rumbling so much any more.  


We're having fried eggs and chips for lunch tomorrow apparently, but I bet there will be another excuse to not cook againm just like yesterday and today.  I'm gonna have breakfast tomorrow though, and I'll just have to hope that my legs don't give way on me.  I've got to have a bath tomorrow too, before we have lunch, in preparation for Sunday so I just hope that I can recover enough after lunch and overnight so that I can put our rubbish and recycling out before we leave on Sunday.  It's supposed to be a joint effort, yet it's only ever me who does it, just like with breakfast.

I'm not gonna get ranty and het up so close to bed time otherwise I won't be able to sleep which will make things even worse tomorrow.

I'm gonna leave it there for the day but I'll be back as normal tomorrow.

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