Wednesday 20 October 2021

Virus scan finished, backups started

The virus scan finished while I was making my carers breakfast and it didn't find anything that shouldn't be there, which was reassuring, so the backups are under way now, then as soon as that's finished I'll put up my breakfast photos and make a start on the news.

I've just told my carer that during NaNo he'll either have to have his breakfast as soon as I come down at 5.30am, before I start writing, or make his own for a change.  I'm gonna make mine very first thing (but won't take any photos during NaNo) as soon as I come down, then take my pills and that'll be it then 'cos I'll have my headphones on and completely zoning out for those 10-15 days so my carer will have to care for himself just for a change.  It's only for 20-30 days a year, so I think I'm allowed to have that break and just do what I want to do - after all, I care for my carer for over 75 hours a week, for the rest of the year, so I refuse to not be selfish just for those few days a year.

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