Wednesday 13 October 2021

Mornin' all

Having a bad day today and my carer is just making it worse and worse.  I accidentally took the FA this morning, so I need to remember not to take it tomorrow.  The weekly virus scan was clear, so I've started the backups and I snapped at my carer in pure anger then made his breakfast for him.  I've already cared triple the time for him this morning than he's cared for me all week combined and he's decided not to go to his medical appointment, so it's looking like another 12 hour day today and I doubt my carer will cook again, so I'll have to live on under 500 calories again today.

Steve's sister has just brought the top-up shop and Steve's got a tub of meat in with it, which I've just told him about and he said "that's tea sorted" so it's looking even less likely that he'll cook for lunch, so I'll be living on a quarter of the calories I need to function today.  Apparently Steve "cooks all her meals" which I've got proof for the last 16½ weeks is total bollox and he only actually cooks twice a week.  We had pizza baguette things yesterday, so that's it now until at least Friday 'cos he's expecting to get a Chinese meal for his birthday tomorrow so he won't want to cook then either and we're going to see his family for a birthday tea on Sunday, so he won't cook then either, so the only possible days he's got left to cook this week are today, Friday and Saturday.  I very much doubt he'll cook today, Friday he'll still be stuffed/have left-overs from his Chinese meal and it's very doubtful that he'll cook on Saturday 'cos he'll be "saving myself for Sunday" so I'll be living on under 500 calories for the rest of this week.  Good job I've got 1kg to lose innit?

Time to put my breakfast photos up, then get on with reading the book so that I can review it.

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