Sunday 31 October 2021

As predicted... carer isn't cooking yet again, so out of a potential 14 meals he hasn't prepared a single one and my lunch, for the 7th day on the trot, is gonna be biscuits yet again.

He's just said that "when things are back to normal again, we'll have to totally rejig the weekly groceries so that we get proper food in again instead of just the stuff we've been getting recently" which'll last all of a week before it goes back to being the majority of Steve's stuff again and I'm left to go hungry or resorting to biscuits for every meal, like I have this week.  I can guarantee that even with a weekly menu and proper food in the freezer, he will quickly go back to having meat and crisps and stuff that I can't have again, just like this week and the next two weeks have been and will be.  Even the bribery for the last two weeks hasn't worked this time 😞

He's still got plenty of meat in the fridge so he's sorted for food for lunch and I'm left to go hungry again.  For the next two weeks I'll be living on a mug of instant soup (ie nothing even remotely solid) a day and Steve will have meat, crisps and biscuits along with a pasta pot, pasties and pies every day from Tuesday or Wednesday onwards.

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