Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Well, that's the menu's sorted for...

...the rest of January, just using what we've already got in the freezers and cupboard so, in theory at least, all we need to buy each week is pop and fruit.  Bet it won't happen like that though.

My carer is having sausages and chips tomorrow and I'm having instant soup, assuming I can stay upright for long enough to do it, unlike today of course.  MugShots on Wednesday which'll prolly be made by me again then hot dogs on Friday, assuming my carer has requested the rolls for our top-up shop of course.  The weekend is lasagnes on Saturday and then Sunday brings a roast dinner that has been promised since the middle of November.  There's no way I'll be stable enough to do the roast, so that might be the only meal my carer cooks this week.

I've just taken my pills, so I'm gonna start closing all my programmes while I wait for the knackeredness to kick in.

Nite nite orl.

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