Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Thank you Esmarelda!

Just put my safety at risk several times so that I could make my carer's lunch for him, so he's having 16 sausages and chips for his lunch tomorrow so that poor Esmarelda can finally be at peace instead of stuck in our freezer.  Right now, I don't care if my carer doesn't want all 16 sausages, that's what he's getting, along with the chips, whether he likes it or not.  They've been stuck in there for the last 7 days and I'm at the point now where he'll eat what he's fucking given so that we've got space to fill up with things that I can have too.

My lunch today is gonna be more dry bread and the same tomorrow until the loaf is used up.  Far from healthy, but I don't seem to have a choice apparently.

When my legs have recovered and I've stopped shaking like a leaf, I'm gonna do another inventory of all our food then come up with a menu until it's all been used up and if my carer doesn't make the food for that day, then it'll be down to me again.  I'm predicting that he'll make maybe two or, at best, three meals and the rest of it will be down to me again.  


He seems to want credit for being my carer but doing pretty much bugger all to deserve that title.  I've been keeping a weekly spreadsheet of the care he provides me with for a few months now and I've yet to reach 35 hours in total over those entire months, yet I frequently double or even approach triple that every week (except during NaNo and JanNo of course).  I'm already approaching 20 hours this week and it's only Tuesday afternoon, so I'm predicting that it'll be a pretty easy double week this week, despite my carer's two medical appointments this week.

Time to go and refil my glass with water so that I can hopefully eek out the last of my infusion before I forget again.

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