Tuesday 11 January 2022

What a morning!

Afternoon all.

I still haven't been able to plan out any more of my NaNo novel but the groceries have been and gone and, as I think I predicted this morning, it was all down to me again.

My carer approves of my tea that I got for myself, so I'm making another prediction that he will be drinking the entire canister and I won't get more than one single mug out of it.

I've also just finished screen-shotting and putting the email FitBit report from last week, so I'll code and upload it then risk my health to cook his lunch for him considering it's taken him a week since it was delivered to make it, so I'm gonna put my health and safety at risk yet again so that it doesn't go to waste.  I'm gonna have another few slices of dry bread for my lunch, so that that doesn't go to waste again either.  He's got a medical appointment tomorrow and Wednesday so I'm predicting that I'll be making his lunch for him then too.


He last made food for me on 29th December 2021 despite telling everyone that he "makes all her food for her" and the last time he made me a drink was the end of last Summer/beginning of Autumn last year yet I make him several drinks and at least one meal every day.


OK, that's the website stuff done, so it's time to put myself in danger for my carer yet again.

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