Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I woke up about an hour later than normal this morning and, as normal, started caring for my carer as soon as I got downstairs, so I'm already over an hour of care this morning.


I've taken my morning pills, including the FA and need to remember to request my three of my four prescriptions at the weekend so that there is 2 weeks for the pharmacy to stall on delivering them.

I've also just had the substitution email for our groceries that are being delivered later and Steve doesn't want two of the replacements, so he said he's going to reject those, but I'm predicting right now that he'll accept them and they won't be eaten, so £3.40 will go down the drain again.  The breakdown looks lke this:

My stuff:  £8.65
Steve's stuff:  £20.38
Joint stuff:  £9.57

So Steve's stuff is more than half of the entire order, even without the substitution that he says he's going to reject.


The virus scan was clear again, thankfully, so I'm protected for another day.


I'm gonna grab myself another glass of water and hopefully get on with planning out my NaNo novel now, while I'm charging up my FitBit.


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