Sunday 2 January 2022

Just a quick rant

Other than cooking meals for both of us, I only ask my carer to do 8 other things in 52 weeks:

  1. take the recycling out during NaNo
  2. take take the rubbish out during NaNo
  3. bring the empty rubbish sack in during NaNo
  4. bring the recycling containters in during NaNo
  5. take the recycling out during JanNo
  6. take the rubbish out during JanNo
  7. bring the empty rubbish sack in during JanNo
  8. bring the empty recycling containers in during JanNo


My carer didn't do any of those four things during NaNo21 and he's just said that I should do it during JanNo22 as well, so basically I'm gonna get absolutely bugger all care out of him this week 'cos he won't be cooking ('cos I have instant soup for lunch during NaNo and JanNo so that I can keep writing) and I'm predicting right now that I won't be getting any help to bring in his entire grocery order on Tuesday either - at best he will move it from one side of his body for me to take through to the kitchen and put away because he's "too tired to help, sorry" the same as every other fucking week.  It's entirely his food and drink next week 'cos apparently I'll be writing so it's the best part of £50 worth of food that I can't have and I'm predicting that the majority of that will go to waste too because my carer will be asleep then it'll be too late/he won't be motivated to cook, so I might as well just put £50 down the drain again.


Rant over, time to attempt to get back into the writing headspace again now.  I'm hoping that I'll be finished on the 7th, but if I've gotta get out of my writing headspace again then I very much doubt that'll happen.  I was awake at 2.30am and was hoping to be able to knock out 10 chapters today, but it's looking more like another 8 because I've spent the best part of 3 hours doing things for my carer that he's more than capable of doing himself.  I ask for his uninterrupted support for under 20 days a year, but in the last year I've been interrupted every single bloody day then he complains when I wake up and come downstairs in the early hours to try and catch up on the time he's forced me to miss 😡

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