Friday 14 January 2022

Mornin' all

Looks like today will be a calorie free day 'cos my carer wants cereal and 2 bottles of juice for his breakfast so I won't be able to bring my own in and his hot dogs have to be boiled to cook them instead of going into the oven like mine and it won't be safe for me to bed over with the hob on 'cos I use the hob to steady myself when I haul the oven door open, so I'll be making both of my carer's meals, and prolly his tea too and I'll be going hungry all day.  Again.


When I woke up and checked my FitBit, it wasn't showing any steps so I must have barely moved after midnight.  I came down and loaded up the app which told me that I was only restless 4 times during the 8 hours and 39 minutes I was asleep.


I've taken my morning pills and they all went down OK, so hopefully that means today will be a good day for me.

I remembered that I've already finished planning out my NaNo novel, so I didn't open up the planning software.

My carer is asleep atm, so I'll go and make his breakfast for him when he wakes up then start catching up on my emails and Facebook posts that I'm so behind on since spending all day planning for the last couple of days.

I've just been reminded, via my Windows calendar, that I need to make myself smoothies today, so that the fruit doesn't go off, so I'll have those for my breakfast and lunch today - healthy and good for me and I'll get a few hundred calories inside me after all by the looks of things!  Just gotta wait for a more sensible time before I start whizzing the smoothie machine 'cos it's so loud lol

The virus scan was still clear, thankfully, so I can safely use my machine without accidentally infecting anyone.

My carer has just woken up, so it's time to go and make his first meal of the day for him.


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