Monday 17 May 2021

Cor lummy!

Decided to push myself this week and attempt deep squats instead of gentle squats 'cos the ones I'd been doing have given me great calves but not done anything at all for my thighs, which is why I started doing them in the first place.


I went significantly deeper and lost my balance several times, but that's why I do them in the hall - the front door supports me if/when I fall backwards and a wall each side of me in case I lose my balance to either side.


My legs and knees are killing me, I'm totally puffed out, my heart is hammering in my chest, but I felt it in my hamstrings rather than my calves today, so that means I'm using the right muscles to burn the fat now, right?

I've adjusted the spreadsheet so that it's showing between 100 and 200 now, rather than 200 and 350.  It's gonna take a while before I'm close to 200, but that's OK 'cos I'm gonna listen to my body and only increase the amount I do when my body has got used to the previous amount.  I'm aiming for 150 each morning to start with though.

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