Thursday 13 May 2021

As of last night...

...I've cared for my carer for 24 hours and 50 minutes, which means I've only got 10 hours and 10 minutes to reach the minimum, which I reckon will easily be before lunch tomorrow.  Compare that to my carers 32 minutes of combined care up until I went to bed last night and that's what I've done for him so far this morning... but apparently I'm not his carer and don't do anything to support him.


I've completed the daily virus scan (still clear), so now it's time for my morning pills, making the first drink of the day and exercise when my stomach starts feeling better.

That's the morning pills all down the hatch but my stomach is a touch more messed up now, but that's OK, I'm used to it now 😉

Our internet connection died, so Steve phoned up to find out what was going on and they advised him to switch the router off at the mains, which he did and everything's fine again now, seemingly.

I've taken Steve's clothes out of the washer-drier and started the next load, so now I'm gonna go and make him a drink.  Again.  Bet he only drinks half of it again, too❗

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