Tuesday 25 May 2021

I give up!

I put the emersion heater on last night ready for my bath on Wednesday, in preparation for Thursday's in-person medical appointment.


I told Steve, so he knew full well that there would be warm water for the next two days.  He also knows that a bath takes a full tank of hot water, based on my last two baths.


I woke up this morning with the emersion heater going which meant someone had been using the hot water.  Steve.  Again.


I came downstairs and he was getting washed in the kitchen sink so I asked him if he'd used the hot tap.  "Yeah, why?" he asks, so I explained again that I needed a full tank of hot water to half fill the bath.  "There's still plenty left for you for tomorrow 'cos I've only used a [kitchen] sink full that'll be replaced by the morning" he replies.  Yeah, when he has another wash ready for his medical appointment and there's no way that there will be a full tank of hot water in 5 hours, so I'll be left with yet another tepid bath or having to boil the kettle to get any kind of warmth at all.

I'm gonna fill the bath up with the last remaining dregs of hot water then get Steve in to feel the temperature to see just how little hot water he leaves me with, then I'll leave the emersion off until I have my 6-weekly shower (so that I can wash my hair before it gets cut) and just boil the kettle to fill the bath up to get a very shallow but hopefully warm bath each time I've got a medical appointment or we're going to see Steve's family (we haven't been to see my mum since August 2010 - nope, not a typo, it really has been over a decade since I last saw her).

Steve is my carer but not only does he do buggar all to deserve that title (and I've got spreadsheets to prove just how little he actually does a week) but he's selfish too, and doesn't think twice about blaming me for things that are his fault but taking all the credit for the things I've done right that he's had buggar all to do with, like sorting out the recycling, paying for the groceries - we got a pack of 24 toilet rolls yesterday, so took them off next weeks order and the £7 I saved was spent on a 1.4kg meat lasagne for Steve as well as garlic bread and salad because it was a £7 meal deal, but apparently I'm the selfish one.  It's a huge blow-out if I get £4 of stuff for myself, but Steve's stuff that I can't have either because it's not suitable for vegetarians (like his lasagne) or it's got an allergen in (like the garlic bread) is well into double figures each week - usually around £12 but next week is gonna be approaching £20 and if the groceries go over budget then it's my limited stuff that gets taken off.

Steve got 6 bottles of lemonade with yesterday's groceries, but still decided to have one of my bottles last night so he's still got 6 bottles for the next six days and I've got 2 less already (I brought in a bottle for myself this morning) and I can guarantee that Steve'll be wanting at least one more of my bottles before the end of the week too.

He seems to assume that my life insurance will go to him instead of the Dogs Trust too, even though it's me paying for it I don't get a choice about who gets the money when I kick the bucket.

I've taken my pills though and the virus scan is under way, so time to support D now, which I don't get any credit for either, then I'll have to make Steve's breakfast for him 'cos he won't do it otherwise, despite telling everyone that he makes all my meals but in reality only usually does two or three for both of us for the entire week.

I really have had enough of being taken for granted now.

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