Saturday 22 May 2021

Just taken my last pill of the day and...

...Steve's edited Monday's grocery shop - the total is £44.18 including delivery, but over £15 of it is stuff that is just for Steve, compared to my £3.20, nothing new there, but if something gets added tomorrow I can almost guarantee that it'll be something of mine that comes off and Steve's already claimed at least one of my current bottles of pop as his own tomorrow 'cos he'll finish off his pop overnight and won't want to get himself water or a hot drink or anything like that, but I bet it'll be my pop that's removed tomorrow if necessary.  That'll be the third week on the trot if it happens, but Steve is expecting me to be proud of him for saving a few pennies by having lemonade instead of cola this week.

I've asked him to make me another bottle of squash ready for the morning too, but I bet he'll deny it.

I'm gonna go and grab a bottle of pop for myself and I'll bring one in for Steve too, so that he doesn't need to move off his chair unless he needs a wee overnight.

Not a happy bunny.


Just before I forget, I've cared for my carer for 7 hours and 32 minutes so far today, but I'm gonna head to bed soon.  Fancy having a look at my blood pressure reading before I sign off for the night?  It's 115/70 whatever that means.

This might be my last blog post until the morning, so I'll say nite nite 2 u orl just in case.  See you back again tomorrow I expect, though  😊

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