Thursday 6 May 2021

Only news on my navigation site today

Afternoon all.


After a morning full of technical problems, then having a bath 🛀 ready for tomorrow, then having my lunch 🍴 and finally getting the news sorted, I've had a pretty average day so far.


Not looking forward to the appointment tomorrow, but I'm gonna try having a couple of slices of bread for my breakfast and the same again a couple of hours after I get home, to see if that reduces the nausea or if I'll be living on ginger beer for a while again.


I've taken all my day-time pills 💊, so just got the evening one to take now, then hopefully head to bed for an early night.  Gonna go for yet another wee 🚽 (I can tell I've had caffeine today 🤣) then do my exercises, make Steve's hot drink ☕ and I'll prolly need another wee 🚽 then I can come back in here and relax.

This morning's bath 🛀 was warm after the emersion heater being on for 2 days, so I think I need to pull on the switch in the bathroom the evening before too, so that the warm water gets as far as the bathroom instead of just the kitchen 🙄🤣  I apologised to Steve for my mistake but I can pretty much guarantee that I'll forget again next time I have a bath 🛀 🙄 🤣

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