Monday 17 May 2021

He was on the verge...

...of asking for yet another lone, only 12 days after the previous one, so it's starting again, just like I knew it would.


He's selling his Wisden books on Facebook and made me feel incredibly guilty about it.  He's after £130 and started on the sob story about how things "must have come out of my account early or late or something and it messed it all up 'cos it was all fine until then" which lead to the guilt trip about selling his books on Facebook, then going on about how "you can get a better deal as a new customer of Virgin, than I'm getting now even though I've been a customer for 20 years".


I'm fed up of him laying the guilt trips on me despite him still seemingly being able to afford his patreon memberships and pod casts and magazines and all sorts of other non-essentials, even though I'm left with £4 a month, as long as the groceries aren't over budget like they were today, so I've now got less than £1 to see me through to the end of May so I'm gonna have to take my few things off the shopping (8 bottles of pop a week, literally) to take it down to below £44, despite last weeks groceries being entirely for Steve.  Again.  I can pretty much guarantee that Steve'll add more stuff for himself to take it over £45 again next week though, despite knowing that I need to save money rather than spend it after the substitutions from the last couple of weeks.


I'm gonna go and sort out next weeks shop while I think of it and try and book a slot for 3 weeks time before I forget that too.


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