Sunday 30 May 2021

Absolute frickin' agony, but never mind eh?

Morning all.


Has anyone felt a sharp pain in the right side of their skull, going down to their eye socket that paracetamol doesn't even touch please?  Similar to Endometriosis pain but going from the middle right of your skull and into your right eye please?


I've taken my morning pills, made breakfast for us both, completed the virus scan, done some walking to try and get rid of my anger and apparently we'll be having biscuits for lunch 'cos my carer doesn't fancy cooking, despite telling everyone who will listen that he makes all of our meals and does everything for me.  Total bollox in reality.  To give him credit, he made me a bottle of squash this morning, so that I can take my pills, so he's been my carer for 2 hours and 5 minutes so far this week... there's no possible way that he can care for me for 32 hours and 55 minutes before I head to bed tonight, so that's another week that he's done pretty much bugger all as my carer.  I'm not his carer, yet I've already beaten his caring this morning alone but apparently I don't care for him.


I've done the maffs on tomorrows groceries and stuff for Steve alone (so meaty or dairy basically) comes to £20.35 which is over half of the total spend and my stuff (basically pop that I bet Steve will have at least one bottle of) comes to £3.20, yet it's my stuff that comes off if Steve decides he wants to add something else for him alone.  I'll be allowed 1 pack of doughnuts and 6 bananas this week though, so I guess I shouldn't complain too loudly.  That leaves £10.89 for joint stuff.


I should just give up on getting stuff for myself or both of us and just give the £180 a month for the groceries and the £175 for the electricity straight to Steve.


Time to support D now, while Steve's in the bathroom, then I'll try doing my exercise for the 3rd time this week, then I'll be caring for my carer again this afternoon, while he's asleep.


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