Thursday 27 May 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all getting on this morning❓


I've made breakfast for my carer and me, taken my pills, run the virus scan (still no malware, thankfully) and cared for my carer for an hour and a half so far today.  


I've got the appointment with the nurse later on today and I've gotta try and remember to ask about reducing my belly... bet I'll forget by the time I'm called in though 🙄 🤣  Got a letter in my neck bag to drop off too, that has been hanging around since Monday morning and Steve's had 3 opportunities to post it for me but, quelle surprise, hasn't, so I've gotta take it with me to give to the receptionist in person.  The letter is already addressed and stamped and has been since Monday morning, so that's even more waste thanks to Steve, and multiple (small, admitedly) promises broken yet he wonders why I don't believe or trust him.  I bet he'll have an excuse for not writing the letter to the Neurologist and he won't come with me to the appointment either.  It's not often I ask him to do things for me, but each time I do something happens and I don't get the support I've requested.

There's summat I wanna watch (a one-night-only thing) on YouTube tonight and I've asked Steve to remind me that it's on four times so far, yet the furthest he's got to it is picking up his mobile and asking "which channel?" before falling asleep and dropping his phone again.

Not gonna do my exercise until I come home after the appointment, otherwise my legs will give way under me and I won't be able to get back up, which would be dangerous if it happened outside, especially if it was near the road❗

I've got one last payment coming out of my account tomorrow, which'll leave me with £3.64 so I'm really hoping I get paid on Monday or the groceries will send me overdrawn again.


I've got a book to review too, but they've paid for and sent the link to their book in their own country and I haven't got a clue what the Amazon email says and because I don't live in their country I won't be able to review it on their country's Amazon site, just like I can't in America, so they've potentially just wasted some money, unfortunately. 


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