Sunday 2 May 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing so far today?


I've set the virus scan running, made a hot drink ☕ for me an' 'im, set my Fitbit charging, taken my morning pills 💊 and unplugged my laptop battery 🔋 for its monthly discharge.


My body definitely prefers me to take the Calcium at lunchtime, away from the morning Iron, not just when I take the FA, so I'm gonna keep doing that now 'cos I want my body to feel as well as possible, so if that means taking pills at different times then so be it 🤷

Gotta remember to do the rubbish and recycling and to refil my pill box after I've taken the Calcium at lunchtime.  I brought in the final slice of cake for Steve to have with his lunch 🍴 yesterday but he still hasn't eaten it, so I won't be able to have toast, so it'll just be bread and spread for breakfast and I bet he won't cook for lunch either, so it'll be the same again for lunch too.

Gonna wait until my Fitbit has finished charging up (and draining the laptop battery quicker 👍🤣) to do my final set of exercises of the week, then I can sort out getting it coded and uploaded to my homepage.  Might leave off doing the news until a bit later so that I don't lose my HTML if the battery dies in the middle of doing it, which would make me sooo angry and send my blood pressure through the roof.

Talking of anger... I've been suppressing my anger all my life but each time I reduce the doseage of the AP it all erupts like a volcano before I can stop it and end up hurting everyone by expressing opinions that they don't like but I've been forced to keep to myself for their comfort.  Do you happen to know of any safe, quiet, non-public ways of expressing it instead of upsetting everyone please?  I've never been taught how to safely express my emotions, so have been suppressing them for the last 35-40 years, only for them to explode when I reduce my AP and I've got no control of it, other than self-harming which I wanna avoid going back to if I possibly can.

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