Sunday 23 May 2021

News on 23rd May 2021

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23rd May 2021

Belfast social pictures as friends enjoy drinks across the city

Social Audio Startup HearMeCheer Recreates Stadium Sounds From User Voices for Wolverhampton Premier League Games

California to drop social distancing requirements in June

The Social Instinct by Nichola Raihani review — on the origin of selflessness

Duke of Wellington landlord's epic social media rant explains why he can't reopen his pub

Virtual internships could break down social mobility barriers in the City

Hesitation with dating, greater social anxiety among individuals with Celiac disease

Gossip Girl: Best Quotes About Friendship

Elizabeth Taylor’s incredible friendship with the gay actor she tried to seduce

15 Signs That Your Friendship Is Seriously One-Sided - Amanda's comment: Yup, one friendship especially feels like the majority of these signs and it comes as a shock when I explode on Facebook. This is going up on my homepage as well as my blog and it's easy to find for each of my friends, but I can pretty much guarantee that the page won't be read, let alone commented on!

Three-Martini Afternoons at the Ritz by Gail Crowther, review — Plath and Sexton’s friendship

The landscape of friendships is changing in the pandemic

Engineering dreams and friendship at the Basalt High School Aerospace Club

What I’ve learned about trying to make friends in adulthood


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