Saturday 8 May 2021

That's my day-time pills all taken now, and the images and fonts sorted, soooo...

...the rest of the day is mine now.


I'm wondering if feeling the cold is one of the side-effects of the COVID-19 jab I had yesterday 'cos I was wearing two thin-ish layers so that the nurse could easily get to my arm before I went yesterday and I felt fine, but since getting home from it yesterday I can't seem to warm up and I've been on the verge of constantly shivering, even though the heater has been on full-blast since I got home and Steve's taken his top off and has been asleep all morning (and is now too) which is his usual reaction to being hot.  Even after putting on a thick jumper when I got home yesterday, I still haven't been able to warm up.

I'm gonna go and grab a couple of slices of bread and see what Steve wants for his lunch now, so I'll BBL.

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