Saturday 8 May 2021

Touch wood...

...I'm still not feeling too bad.  This morning's ickiness was 'cos I forced toast on my body waaay before I should have done... if I'd just stuck with un-spreaded bread then I would prolly have been fine, but I was making Steve's breakfast for him and stupidly decided to risk a couple of slices of toast.  It's four hours later now and I've sipped my way through 2 cans of ginger beer and I don't feel too bad now.  Not gonna take any more risks and go by my what my body is telling me, rather than the routine now.

I'm not gonna do anything other than read Facebook and my emails for the rest of the day and potentially tomorrow, but I'll take it from there then.  I'm feeling significantly better than I did when I had the first jab, so I'm not gonna rush things this time and I'll listen more to my body until I'm feeling properly human again.

I've taken all my morning pills, the virus scan was clear again and I'm just finishing off saving all the images on the CDs so that I can start using them on my websites and stuff.

So far today I've spent 5 hours and 34 minutes caring for Steve, despite feeling pretty rough, and Steve (my carer) has spent 2 minutes caring for me (getting me my first can of ginger beer), so I reckon it'll be getting on for 10 hours of care from me, but I doubt I'll get half an hour out of Steve by the time I head to bed tonight even though he happily tells people that he's my carer who spends all day every day looking after me and he's registered at both of our doctors surgeries as my carer too.

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