Tuesday 18 May 2021

Already this morning I've...

...monitored my carer's breathing twice and made him breakfast, so I've already cared for him for over an hour and I've only been up for an hour and 20 minutes!  Gonna be another loooong day of caring, I reckon, judging by only having 16 minutes to myself since I woke up so far today.


Time for me morning pills and as it's a Tuesday, I need to take the FA too.  Steve's arranged for someone to come over at 11am and he seems to be expecting me to take her upstairs and into each room again while he stays down here watching the telly.  Again.


The virus scan has just finished so I'm hoping I'm still clear of nasties.  Hold on while I have a look and see...


Yep, still clear, so time to take my morning pills now... gonna take a 5-HTP as well, to see if that improves how I'm feeling, then I'll grab a can of ginger beer to settle my stomach.  Might leave the exercises until after the person has gone, so that I don't jiggle my stomach up too badly... you watch me forget though.

Gotta remember to put the Fitbit email report up on my site when I get it too.  I did just over 3,000 steps yesterday and not even a single one between midnight and when I swang my legs out of bed this morning, so I got into a bit of a flap that my Fitbit had died on me and decided that if it had, I'd just keep logging my food and water in the app until I could afford to replace it.  Thankfully it had recorded 133 steps by the time I got downstairs, so maybe I just didn't move enough for it to record steps in those 5¾ hours?

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