Friday 14 May 2021

To give him credit... carer is cooking our lunch as I type this, so it'll be a total of 1 hour 2 minutes of care he has provided this week, not the "constantly caring for her" that he tells everyone.  I'm grateful that it's over an hour this week though, so I won't complain!


We're having vegan sausage rolls and onion rings for lunch 'cos my carer was too hungry for just the sausage rolls, so he's having the vast majority of onion rings to fill him up, on top of his 5 slices of toast this morning.  Need to remember to put it all into the FitBit app after I've had it too... need to wait and see how many onion rings I have first though 😉


Just had my reminder to take my lunchtime pill, so I'll publish this, put my laptop on the floor, take my pill then go out and grab my lunch  😋



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