Wednesday 12 May 2021

Been downstairs for 2 hours 19 minutes and in that time I've...

...spent 2 hours and 4 minutes caring for Steve so far.  The other 15 minutes was spent making my breakfast and going for a wee.  I asked Steve if he fancied breakfast too, but he'd fallen back to sleep by the time I'd finished the question, so I stayed in here until he woke up naturally again before I went to make my own toast.


I've taken my morning pills, set the virus scan running and apparently I'm having instant soup for lunch because it's Wednesday, so I hope it stays in my stomach 'cos it'll be the first thing I'll have had that wasn't bread or chips since Thursday lunchtime.


When Steve wakes up again I'll go and do my exercise then make us both a drink even though apparently I'm not the carer of the two of us 🤷


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