Monday 24 May 2021

I won't be weighing myself on a Monday for a while now, because...

...the battery in the scales has finally conked out and because it's not an AA or AAA battery, we've got nowt in the house to replace it with.  Maybe it's a message from either Gaia or the Green Man to stop me from getting obsessed with my weight and re-triggering my OCD❓

I've got a telephone appointment with a mental health nurse this morning, to see how I'm doing with the dosage reduction, so I wanna tell her about those couple of weeks of pure, absolute fury and to ask if the psychosis could be linked to my WKE as opposed to my depression which has pretty much completely disappeared now, but I've got the 5-HTP to use whenever my mood dips and that brings it back within a few minutes.  I read something online about Korsakov Psychosis is all so I'm wondering if that's what it is, rather than psychotic depression.  Steve said that I first started getting psychotic after the throwing up started too, so that's another thing I'm pondering.  If the MH nurse doesn't know then that's totally OK and I'll write to my GP and ask him or see if I should wait until I see the Neurologist for my memory.  I'm not trying to tell them how to do their jobs or anything like that, just trying to save them a bit of time and research and referrals and potentially money and stuff.

I've taken my morning pills, had me breakfast and run the daily virus scan (which was still clear, thankfully).  The rubbish and recycling have been picked up already, so I've just gotta wait for the call now.  Might make a start on the news so that I don't go nuts with boredom while I wait 😉

BBL... wish me luck with this morning's call please❗

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