Monday 17 May 2021

27 minutes away from...

...8 hours of care today.


I'll be taking my last pills of the day when my Fitbit and fitness tracker/watch have finished charging up, then heading off to beddy-byes for an early night.


We've got someone coming over to assess our likkle 'ouse for a grant for central heating who is due over at 11am then we're hopefully having our lunch when she's gone (unless my carer changes his mind again) so that Steve can finish off the cheese that totally screwed up my stomach yesterday and we can both have the salad and tomatoes before they go off again.  There's a squeezy bottle of mayonnaise that we're both gonna try too... I just hope it hasn't got dairy in it otherwise Steve'll be having 6 burgers for lunch and I won't be eating anything for the rest of the day 'cos of the nausea it causes.

The reminder to take my last pill of the day has just popped up, so this is potentially my last post of the day.  I'll say nite nite to you all now, just to be on the safe side  😁

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