Monday 31 May 2021

That's the morning exercises done

Just finished doing my first set of laps of the day and the squats straight after so that's it until after we've had our food now so that my body can recover.  My legs are really feeling it now, so the only time I'm gonna be moving for the next few hours is to bring the rubbish sack in and going for wee's, nowt else for safety's sake.  I'm 19 steps off my target, so they will be used up when I go out and get the rubbish sack and anything else will be a bonus then.

I managed just over 5,000 steps yesterday, thanks to my stroll around the house, so I'm hoping for 7,500 today 'cos of aiming to do it twice a day from now on.  I'm not gonna get the same amount of steps as I did with the puppy for a while yet 'cos I haven't done that many steps in very nearly 7 months so, like with the squats, I'm taking things very slowly and listening to my body instead of pushing myself too hard too soon, 'cos my legs'll give way underneath me and I won't be able to stand back up then and my carer will be asleep, just like he is now, so I'm gonna put that into today's spreadsheet before I forget.

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