Friday 7 May 2021

I'm not gonna do the news today or until I feel better, but...

...feel free to keep checking back to see how badly or otherwise I feel at the time I post.  If it's anything like the first one, I'll be feeling yucky for a few days then slowly start improving over the next week or so, so hopefully I'll be back to doing the news in a couple of weeks, but I can't guarantee it.

There will prolly be rants about just how little my carer does for me while I'm recovering but I'll tag those posts if you wanna avoid reading them and it'll be one extreme or the other with the number of posts too... either several every day or one every few days.  Either way, please stick with me, keep reading and sharing the url 'cos seeing those view numbers really supports me when I have bugger all other support.

Steve's arranged for someone to come out for a look around about central heating via a grant that the enabler thinks we're entitled to and Steve said he'll postpone it if I'm feeling grotty, but I bet he won't, just like he never does.  He said 5 days ago that he'd move my cans of ginger beer to the top shelf of the fridge and get them for me whenever I needed them, but he hasn't, so I did that myself this morning.  I very much doubt he'll get them for me when I need them either.

Other than 24 cans of ginger beer, the entire shop that's due on Monday is for Steve, which adds up to about £35 and my ginger beer comes to about £7 yet he still expects me to pay for the whole lot.

Ho hum, such is life I guess.

Onto daily things again now though.  The virus scan has finished (still no nasties, thankfully), I've taken my pills, made Steve's breakfast and buttered a couple of slices of bread for me, so we're all sorted until I go for my jab now.

I'm pondering on changing the text colour here in my blog again, whaddya all think to that idea please?  Let me know in the comments?

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